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Handwriting Can Be 


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Colorful Alphabets

Individualized, small group handwriting tutoring using a research-based and FUN curriculum

Kid Drawing With Colored Pencil

Why Is handwriting important?

Handwriting is a foundational skill that can influence students’ reading, writing, language use, and critical thinking.

K-5 students are expected to spend up to 58% of their time writing in class. Writing is required for nearly all subjects to participate in journal work, complete worksheets, and testing.

Children who are able to participate in these writing activities with ease can free up energy to focus on the content of their work. 

About Handwriting Can Be Fun

Handwriting Can Be FUN! is an 8 week small groups session. Each session consists of 45 minutes of time in a small group of peers with the OT and 15 minutes of time for questions.

Handwriting Can Be FUN! is designed by an occupational therapist using the Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum (HWT). The HWT uses a developmentally appropriate and multi-sensory approach to make learning handwriting FUN!

Art Class

Handwriting without tears

Developmentally Appropriate

Developmentally appropriate for "challenging, but achievable" (HWT) lessons 


"Appeal to different sense to make learning fun and bring letters to life" (HWT)


Explicit teaching of motor skills required for handwriting with fun opportunities to build strength and precision.

Unique letter order teaching

Unique teaching order for letters that allows students to build on previously learned letters

Happy Children
Afro American Kid


  • Battles to get homework done

  • Switching hands when writing

  • "Weird" pencil grip

  • Difficulty with tasks that require writing

  • Disappointment when you don't understand their writing or pictures

Dancing at Home

TO THis!

  • Excitement to WRITE!

  • No more battles to get homework done

  • Use of a dominant hand

  • Correct Pencil Grip

  • No more frustration at written tasks

  • Bonding over sharing messages and picture that you can understand!


Who Teaches the class?


Hi! My name is Samantha Darcy. The kiddos call me Ms. Sam. I am an occupational therapist with a background working with children. I previously worked for 2 different public school districts in Arizona. After having my first child in 2021, I decided to make the jump to stay home with my little one while she was still little. That didn't stop me from missing seeing my kiddos at school. From my time in the school system, I know that teachers are trying their best, but some kids still just need a little extra help with their handwriting. That's why I started the Handwriting Can Be FUN! after school help those kids that just need a little extra boost to feel confident in their handwriting.

Spring 2023 Group - The details

Handwriting Can Be FUN! is an 8 week session. Each session consists of 45 minutes of time in a small group of peers with the OT and 15 minutes of time for parents and students to ask questions. It is strongly encouraged that students participate in consistent and daily practice in order to make progress on their handwriting skills. Handouts with activities and practice opportunities will provided via email for each week. 

Registration includes materials for your child to keep to practice at home during and after the group is over. Materials include:

  • HWT wood letter pieces and mat with "matman" hands

  • HWT slate chalkboard, mini sponge erasers and mini chalk

  • HWT pencils and flip crayons

  • HWT "Roll-a-dough" cards &2 cans of playdoh

  • HWT wide double lined paper

  • HWT age appropriate workbook

  • Sensory tray, colored sensory rice, alphabet erasers and tongs for fine motor

  • Handouts for activities and practice at home

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